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Book 46: The Other Side of Everest
misquoted wrote in 50_in_2010
Book 46 was The Other Side of Everest by Matt Dickinson. I find myself as fascinated as ever by the '96 disaster on Everest. This is the fifth book on the subject that I've read.

I'm farther behind in my reading goal than I've been in other years, but I have all week off. :)

Goal: 53 books, 3 of them German.

Planning to finish:
Five People... (German)
It Could be Worse... (German)
Drive (English)
Metamorphosis (English)
The Dead (English)
The Love Dare (English)

Not sure what else. George has my copy of Heroes of Abraxas which I've been wanting to read, so if I can find that at his place today, I'll read that. I'd love to read Linda's dissertation, as well as a few other things by bbs friends, but I'm not sure how quickly I can get through them. :)


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