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The 50 Books I read
realmjit wrote in 50_in_2010
Yes, I'm bragging. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some comics to catch up on.

Book 1: Enter Three Witches
Book 2: Blacklands
Book 3: A Nest For Celeste
Book 4: Skullduggery Pleasant
Book 5: Here Lies Arthur
Book 6: Bone Crossed
Book 7: Kushiel's Scion
Book 8: Kushiel's Justice
Book 9: Foundation
Book 10: Changing the World
Book 11: Black Magic Sanction
Book 12: Grantville Gazette
Book 13: The Tain
Book 14: Noble Causes, Volume I
Book 15: Noble Causes, Vol. II
Book 16: Stealing Death
Book 17: Law of Nines
Book 18: Changes
Book 19: Kushiel's Mercy
Book 20: Dead and Gone
Book 21: The Muppet Show Comic Book: On The Road
Book 22: Strip Mauled
Book 23: 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man
Book 24: Undead and Uneasy
Book 25: Sweet Discipline
Book 26: A Girl's Guide to Guns and Monsters
Book 27: Ring of Fire
Book 28: Troy High
Book 29: Prince Valiant Vol. I: 1937-1938
Book 30: Zoe's Tale
Book 31: Namaah's Kiss
Book 32:The Hound of Rowan
Book 33: The Summoner
Book 34: Catching Fire
Book 35: Shelters of Stone
Book 36: And Then One Day, Vol. 1
Book 37/38: The Invisible Man/The War of the Worlds
Book 39: Blankets
Book 40: Dolores Claiborne
Book 41: Almuric
Book 42: The Lady and the Tiger
Book 43: The Forever War
Books 44-46: one shot, one burbon, one beer.
Book 47: Forever Free
Book 48: For The Win
Book 49: The Lost Ones
FIRST (Book 50: The Eyes of the Dragon)

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